Our Wood and Fire

The flavours

Smoke and fire

Is all we want

Carnivore is Amsterdams finest East Texas Style Smoke BBQ meat restaurant where you will feast on slowly cooked meat that is “falling off the bone”. All our meat is smoked with hickory wood and flavored with a classic blend of traditional Southern BBQ seasonings that compliment any type of meat. All this goodness is slowly cooked in our Southern Pride BBQ Smoker straight from Tennessee. To top off our finger licking good dishes we treat you to our family recipe BBQ Sauces and of course we offer variations of awesome sides to complete your experience with us.

In the early 1970’s B.B. Robertson and his son were in need for a barbecue that was using less labor at their family restaurant Robertson’s Hickory Bar-B-Q Pit in Decatur, Illinois. “if you can’t buy it, build it”, was their solution and the Southern Pride Smoke BBQ was born.

Today the Southern Pride Smoke BBQ is a hand crafted, wood-burning-gas-fired smoker. At Carnivore our BBQ is always burning to make sure your appetite will be more than pleased.