Red Team Engagements

Would you like to know how well your organization would detect and respond to a targeted attack? We offer red team engagements to find vulnerabilities and train your employees.

Emergency Response

Under attack or hacked? We'll offer support right away, whatever the time is.

Machine Learning and Search

We've built massive data pipelines and search engines. Some of the things we've worked on include route planning, machine translation, real-time news analysis, search engines, trading, patient monitoring, and of course very, very big logging systems.

Application security

Want to make sure your application is secure from the ground up? We're able to help with the design and implementation of secure applications

Why Privateers

New to the market with a fresh hands-on approach. We are multi-disciplinary and not just security consultants. We understand your business and solve possible threats together.


Drop us a message and we'll reach out to you.


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